Adam Głaz
Department of English Studies
UMCS, Lublin, Poland
ag (1439 kB)

Contact ___ adam.glaz "at"

Instytut Anglistyki UMCS
pl. Skłodowskiej 4A
20-031 Lublin

Major interests ___ Linguistic applications of Vantage Theory
Cognitive and cultural linguistics
The linguistic worldview, comparartive and translational aspects
Point of view and perspective in language
Virtuality in and of language
Ideas of language in science-fiction

Member of ___ PTJK (PCLA), SALC, Ethnolinguistic Committee and Phililogical Committee (Wrocław Branch) of the Polish Academy of Sciences, Tertium, and PASE
Involved in ___ Rouen Ethnolinguistics Project
On boards of journals ___ Etnolingwistyka, New Horizons in English Studies, Language, Mind, Culture, and Society

Books authored ___ glaz2012 (41 kB) glaz2002 (31 kB)

Articles and Reviews ___ pdf

Peer reviewer for ___ Acta Neophilologica, Anglica Wratislaviensia, Brief - Online Journal of Snippets, Cognitive Linguistics, Cognitive Semantics, International Journal of Language and Culture, Językoznawstwo, Language Sciences, Linguistics Applied, Lublin Studies in Modern Languages and Literature, Open Journal of Modern Linguistics, Peter Lang, Poznań Studies in Contemporary Linguistics, Quebec Studies, Res Rhetorica, Springer, Studia Linguistica Universitatis Iagellonicae Cracoviensis, UTH in Radom Publishing House, Białystok University Publishing House

Volumes co-edited ___ lang2016 etnol27
lwv2013 (21 kB) vt2013 (29 kB)
wint2012 (92 kB) ls2010 (1645 kB)
further2007 (45 kB) pers2004 (46 kB)

Book translations ___
bart2009 (12 kB) wierz2004 (12 kB)

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