Philosophical Sketches
on Cognitive Grammar

The essays on this website revolve around topics from philosophy, mainly philosophy of science, in the context of Ronald W. Langacker’s Cognitive Grammar (CG). Some familiarity with the theory on the part of the reader is presupposed. In principle, many of the issues discussed below are relevant for most theories in linguistics, but CG is used as the default case study.

The essays are fairly self-contained, but sometimes they build upon information provided elsewhere on the website. Usually links to relevant content are offered. A good starting points are the sketches “An empiricist approach to Cognitive Grammar” and “A structuralist approach to Cognitive Grammar,” since they frame much of the subsequent discussion.

The essays have not been formally reviewed and the conclusions are not Professor Langacker’s, so use the essays as reference at your own risk! The reviewed article “Structural empiricist Cognitive Grammar,” covering some of the topics from this website, appeared in the journal LaMiCuS 3/2019.

Sketches on Cognitive Grammar

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